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Jackpot Slot – Free Pokies for your Success

When playing a jackpot slot at video slots casino, the user can get a jackpot prize when making a stake. The jackpot may be defined as a prize accumulated from every bet made by the players of the game. The winnings can be enormous. Sometimes the sum runs into 6 or even 7 figure range. Usually, the size of the jackpot depends on the number of betting participants.

Jackpot Variations

Gamblers can play various types of jackpot slots. Every variation determines the winning process and the sum of the win.

  • Local – comprise the stakes made by the players at any local casino and depend on the game type.
  • Network – another name is ‘pooled jackpots’. They look like the lottery as all each wager made by the participant contributes to the chance of winning.
  • Progressive – they make it possible to win the whole sum of money that comes out of the release.
  • Fixed – the sum of the winning is fixed. There is a special pot to win and it can’t be changed.

Generally speaking, progressive jackpots are the most widespread in the gambling industry because they bring more profit to the winner.

Top Jackpot Slot List

In the actual jackpot slots diversity it may be hard to choose the game that would let you win truly massive amounts, regardless of the size of your bet. The following list can help you find funny, thrilling, and simple games with the best winning odds.

  • Cleopatra Slots – this is one of the classic slots with a jackpot prize and 15 bonus spins. This game is admired by the players a lot. It applies a 6×4 grid to a 95.7% RTP with lots of winning combinations. Some combos may be worth 300 or 400 coins.
  • Raging Rhino was launched in 2014 and became the most popular casino game. This is a fun mid-variance slot with an RTP of 95.9%. The player can take home a huge win equal to the millions of credits.
  • Forbidden Dragons is the jackpot slot that players love and will never let go. This slot has 2 sets of reels, 100 paylines, and expanding symbols. This easy-to-play, exciting, and winning slot provides great gaming experience to keep any gambler happy. The players get a chance to win one of several jackpots with each played round. Besides, new players get generous welcome bonuses.

On the whole, each of the above-mentioned games can bring luck and big lumps of cash. Jackpot prizes are usually extremely big as whenever participants make a wager, they contribute to the pot that keeps multiplying the winner is found. This sum can grow to billions and lucky is the person on whom it falls upon!