Craps strategy as the way to increase your chances for a better outcome of the game

Craps strategy online

Craps strategy is a really important thing you need to learn before starting to play the game for real money. Craps is a dynamic and addictive game that is usually followed by huge noise, laughter, and fun which sometimes can affect your concentration. Its tempo is very fast, so that is why without some preparation can be pretty hard to realize what to do and how to do it right. A good strategy and practice will be the best option for the ones who don’t have enough experience of playing craps, and who want to enjoy the game without significant losses. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the types and use of bets and learn how to navigate in points.

The best strategy for playing online craps

A good experienced player is distinguished by excellent knowledge of the rules and a good craps strategy, which he uses during all the game, even when it is not in his favor. Naturally, this does not mean that the player openly harms his own game when it is necessary to change tactics, on the contrary, his strategy should provide for a flexible system of actions designed for all, even the most unforeseen, game situations. A safe craps strategy is the one that will keep your budget and let make even more money. And one of them is a Don’t Pass strategy that greatly increases the player’s chances of success. All you need to do is:

Craps strategy
  1. Choose a craps table and as this craps strategy says, place a bet on the Don’t Pass Line;
  2. If a “7” or “11” falls on the edges of the dice, you lose;
  3. If a “2” or “3” falls out on the edges, you win;
  4. If you get “12”, there will be a draw.

This strategy is often used by many professional players, and let them win a lot of money. But if you are a beginner, it would be much better to practice the strategy in an online mode for free to understand it completely and avoid mistakes while playing craps for real money.

The Iron Cross betting system and its features

The most popular craps strategy is called The Iron Cross which is very simple and effective. The player just needs to place a Field bet in combination with Place bets on “5”, “6” and “8”. The only time he can lose all his bets is when the “7” falls. In other cases, he can get a win, even though its size may not be so large. According to existing statistics, “7” drops out in every sixth case. Craps will be profitable for the player if the total winnings for Place and Field bets exceed the total losses for a seven. In general, the betting advantage is as follows:

  1. The bet Field – 2.78% (if the casino pays 2: 1 for 2, 3: 1 for 12);
  2. The bet Place on 5 – 4%;
  3. The bet Place on 6 or 8 – 1,52%.

Iron Cross can be more profitable if you will use its variation called “Unbeatable”. Many players find it more attractive and actively use it. It does not differ significantly from the original system, only the probability of a seven is also taken into account. In this system, the bets on numbers and fields are placed only after a point has been set and a come-out roll has been made. Even though it doesn’t guarantee a win, in any way this may be a good craps beginner strategy that will help you to get familiar with the game and make your first money on it.